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What We Do - Muscle Activation.London

Body transformations & personal training

Our training philosophy is optimised with the clients’ requisite in mind. We do not believe in a ‘no pain no gain’ approach or conduct generalised fitness programs. Highly educated and experienced, our experts use evolutionary customised methods to help you meet your goals.

Our team thrive to evolve and constantly participate in leading education worldwide. We only enrol determined clients that realise a synergistic effort between you and our team, is necessary for change.

4 week health regime set up

This is an intense educational insight into how to live a healthy lifestyle and based on your objective(s). We practically live these 4 weeks with you and show you how and what it takes to achieve your best ever shape.

12 week body transformation

A 3 phase evolutionary approach to achieving amazing results. If you’re willing to do what we ask of you during this period, we guarantee results.

What We Do - Muscle Activation.London

Injury rehabilitation

We often face conditions, where we have the opportunity to work with clients that are at a stage where they cannot immediately begin working towards their best ever physical condition. Clients may come to us having gone through some form of trauma or surgical intervention such as a hip replacement, knee reconstruction or spinal fusion.

We have the experience, knowledge and possess revolutionary methods to work with such special cases, and take our clients from a state of immobility to achieving their optimal state of health.

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