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As an ex professional ballet dancer now working in the teaching field, the health of my body is of vital importance to my profession. After suffering from hip pain for seven months, whereby at times the excruciating pain actually prevented me from doing any physical activity, I decided to look for another therapist. This is when I came across Mario. The MAT philosophy really interested me and I decided to give it a go. I am so glad I did as within just two sessions Mario managed to eliminate the pain. This alongside his professionalism, extended knowledge and warm personality gives me a reason to highly recommend him.
Liane McRae, Educator at the Royal Academy of Dance
Three years ago I had a hip replacement operation and was very keen to get back on my feet and build up my strength as fast as possible. I did some research and discovered Mario. He had done all his considerable training and gained his various qualifications in the US. He also knew and understood about working with someone who had just come out of hospital. We started regular sessions of working with and building up muscles. I began to feel progress very early on.

By the time I went back to see my surgeon six weeks later I was told that very few of his patients had progressed so rapidly and I had been able to give up walking with a stick within a week or two. I had regular treatment for some months and Mario then suggested I worked with Rob. I immediately signed up with Rob who, now nearly three years later, still works with me twice a week. Meanwhile I continue to see Mario for ongoing work on a much less regular basis.

Three years later – and of course three years older – I feel stronger and fitter than I was before my operation and am grateful to both these men for all the work we have done and what I have learned from them.

Susan Laws , Psychotherapist
As a freelance session hairstylist – I find that I need constant maintenance to ensure that my spine is strong and functioning to the highest level. I have found Mario’s approach – when treating my back problem -to be unique and majorly beneficial. I’ve tried many different forms of back therapies in the past – but this (in my opinion) is a new paradigm shift in back care.
Mario is simply the best!! I feel amazing, healthy and I’ve lost weight through Mario’s training philosophy. His methods have stuck with me and his sessions are very educational.
Georgina Townsley, Film Producer
Mario is different than any trainer I have had in the past and it is best to think of him as a coach. He actively listens, thinks, and adjusts his plans to get the best out of you. He started me off with MAT to fix a few imbalances in my muscles and relieve some issues I was having in my back and shoulder. Taking those items into account we then started working out at the gym with a goal to get me working out regularly pain free. The real difference was his method of Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 workouts in combination with his MAT expertise

I was used to getting started on a workout and pushing myself really hard with and without a trainer. This would lead to days where I could not train due to incredible muscle soreness (DOMS) and injuries. Mario’s phasing is specific to each person, but it all starts out with a general conditioning of full body workouts on equipment throughout the gym.

His method allowed me to workout 3-5 days per week (or more) as I was never “over doing it”. Once the basic strength of the body is there, then Mario moved me into Phase 2 which starts adding heavier weights to build muscle. Finally, reaching Phase 3 is about loading the body and doing more advanced movements and I’m fully enjoying this phase!

He has me hooked on both the gym, his workout method, MAT, and especially the results. At 40 I am stronger than I was when I was an athlete in my late teens / early twenties.

Marc Craver, Client in London
After struggling and training through a shoulder injury for many years, I saw Mario and the pain was greatly diminished after only 2 MAT treatments. A series of 6-8 sessions and now four years on, I have not experienced such pain again, despite training with maximal loads and competing in powerlifting.
Sonia Desmier, Bench Press World Champion 2013
I never thought that I’d be in my best ever shape before turning 40 years old. This is down to Mario’s expertise regarding body transformations. I have both trained and done MAT with Mario for a number of years, Mario has a refreshing and scientific approach to fitness believing in micro progression rather than as with my previous experience with some trainers of pushing to the limits too soon and ultimately getting injured. Mario has not only got me fitter and stronger but has always approached training with warmth and a great sense of humour.
Mark Burns, Property Developer
Mario’s approach is very effective with immediate benefits. He is very knowledgeable and persistent, so deep rooted issues can be addressed.
Jane Cousins, Client in London

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